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Humanitarian MRE Emergency Food (HDR's) - 48 Cases

Humanitarian MRE Emergency Food (HDR's) - 48 Cases

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Humanitarian MRE Emergency Food (HDR's) 48 Cases - Free Shipping Continental United States Only - (must be a physical address)

The Humanitarian daily rations (HDRs) are MRE meals ready to eat food rations manufactured by military MRE contractor SOPAKCO. They are intended to be supplied to civilians and other non-military personnel in humanitarian crises and serve as a single person's full daily food supply.  Each meal contains between 1800- 2,200 calories and are all vegetarian to meet a variety of dietary needs. The first thing you notice is that they are just as heavy as the issue G.I. MRE Meals and each meal contains 2 entrees with multiple other items making them fully packed. Cases are loaded with 10 meals each and a variety of options inside. FEMA meals do not come with heaters for safety, but they can be purchased separately.  

The entrées and other contents are in the same military packaging that is used in the issue MRE with different contents. Made to last for years each case has a red sticker to indicate if the meals were exposed to excess heat or cold making them bad. If the red sticker does not have a black filling dot, your all set and will have emergency MREs for years.   


  • 10 Meals per Case
  • (2) Vegetarian entrée’s 
  • (1) Pastry items such as a Toaster Pastry
  • (1) large cracker item 
  • (1) Short Bread or Bread type item
  • (2) Spreads such as Jam or Peanut Butter
  • (1) Cookie 
  • (1) Heavy duty utensil set
  • Heater not included 
  • All meals are vegetarian 
  • Contents may vary slightly 
  • Inspection date April 2022
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